thanks Rupert!

The night before last I heard Rupert Spira, one of Non-Duality Presses’ most popular authors, speak. His ability to express and defend the non-dual point of view was truly impressive.  I was a little disappointed though in some of the audiences’ difficulty understanding Spira’s explanation of the nature of things.  He posits that from our experience alone we can come to the conclusion that there is only one knowing self.  And this knowing self is the same stuff that is everything.  It’s probable that the difficulty understanding this view is in the fact that we are so used to using the word knowledge to describe a subject and an object; a knower and a known, or a self that acquires knowledge or bliss.  Unfortunately we have to use words, and the word knowledge is a close approximation to describing the indescribable.  What must be remembered when speaking of non-dual knowledge is that it is knowledge, the knower and the known.  There is nothing else but the true non-dual state.  And then everything falls into place.


One thought on “thanks Rupert!

  1. […] I was introduced to work of Rupert Spira by Bob Burns recently, whom I know through a few recent interactions […]

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